Your Favorite Place

by Your Favorite Place

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Some songs for some places you want to go back to.


released September 10, 2016

All songs and lyrics written and recorded by Michael Galvano



all rights reserved


Your Favorite Place Bradenton, Florida

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Track Name: You Look Like Ants From Up Here
Penning an image in condensation
Displacing water, artistic evaporation
I'm running down your fingers to a place I don't believe in
Cropping your circles, a picture I'm never seen in

I feel pulses pumping faster
I hear footsteps splat on plaster
My knees shaking ever after
Your hands still wringing out my answer
And everything I've ever seen drip dries off of me and onto the tile that you slipped on when i was still playing with soap at 19.

I know I'm better not to dwell but I'd rather make a hell that I can breathe in
Swirling fire in my lungs, I guess my feet don't decide when I'm leaving

I remember tears from sprinklers passed
Stealing baths from blades of grass
Head down, the pistons pump a white glow
Find me, I'm the mist at your window

The sun is losing it's patience over your heavy skied destination
You're shining through the glass while I'm spinning in your ceiling light
The sun is spotting while I hide inside
Singe the sand to collapse above me
Spinning in your ceiling light
Swinging on your ceiling light
Puking in your ceiling light
It's alright.
Track Name: Pennies
We can take those two shots at my face
You can use my arm as your favorite place
For now

Go rest your head in Midwest beds
No phone alarm, no shaking head. Bored,
we slammed the door caught on the thread
My smile must be as black as father said
Tears washing my lungs of cigarettes
(At least for now)
The silent feat of preserving me again.

Why not let the memory of me
turn from copper to green?
A penny underneath your seat
Just oxidizing while you sleep or drive or make your own time
I couldn't save your day if I tried.

I suggest painting my chest with a snub-nose
I've always remembered you best with my eyes closed
Monet my chest
but don't lean in too close
Spot me on the walls, bloody freckles on your nose
In the car, slightly dozed
Shouldered head, your repose
In the river we rolled
Squeezing knuckles and squeaking soles
In and out of consciousness.

"And what about lying? Am I feeling content
or forcing palms onto burning cement?
And what about you, are you feeling contempt?
Are you scraping your skin off of 7 years of slate just to crave a repaving and premature departure?"
Track Name: Hohokum
Tethered eye, stripping strings of light
Forestries of phosphorescence
Brother of mine stripping off the skin you have known
since this lifetime
Tethered eye, wrapping round my home is alive
shimmering in rainbows
The only place in the world, the bathroom floor you spent the night on
Was it puke or your face that was stuck on the tiles?
On my tongue, stacking skyward
Upside in my mind, turning pictures
I need to breathe in the universe,
hold in, until I am one with her
So I can explode, my traces pave new roads
Fill up a vacuum with sweet,sweet breath
Go explore
Let it fill your chest
"Can't wait to implode"
you spoke under your breath
Is it Carbon Monoxide or some young god
trying to tell me I'm not meant to go this far
And a voice is too small to cause such harm
But can you hear me all the way from here?
I know you hear me all the way from here.
Under my body he'll tuck his cold toes
while I watch the walls breathe from the comfort of my home.
Track Name: A Threshold Odyssey
As you whisper out your rationed breath
does it shake as you work to attest
to what you had when days were waxing?
No friendly blood in your hands
It seems they're over when they begin
each day that's ripping into our skin
Another notch on a belt
it doesn't matter what we did or where it was or how we felt.

I felt life fill my backyard
Kissed every bough and then stole away
to let them float down gently...
I watch them
Slow decay
Never to reanimate
I see them swept away
Out of sight and out of days.

And as more people seem to walk away
their replacements can see everything
Old souls for these next years to make anew
Remember staining teeth on soda fountains of youth?

You (In December floodlight)
Knew (Drinking overpriced wine)
I would remember
when hurricanes meant flying kites
accidents and overbites.

You know I love this place when it rains
I was waist out, flattened by the door and the frame
Two decades to hear blood cut off at your brain
and I am ashamed
Say something.