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by Your Favorite Place

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released May 4, 2015

All songs written and recorded by Your Favorite Place



all rights reserved


Your Favorite Place Bradenton, Florida

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Track Name: This Is Permanent?
You bought your cigarettes
On the way into town
It made you feel less different
They made you feel less different

Worn holes
Trading places
Missing phone calls
Sometimes it's best to leave

We lost him
In Boston
Dirty words and dry goodbyes
There's more time
In Skylines, Wet Pavements, Greys and Blues

You left the south
Embers burned out
It made the world look different
We'll make the world look different

I'm not sorry.
'Cause honestly, when did we ever agree that it was me?
Honestly when did we ever agree that...
I'm not sorry.
Track Name: Swimming Up My Showerhead
I want to die in the apocalypse,
I want to crash into a burning sea,
I want to lose the earth under me,
So I just fall, and fall, and fall.
When I land I'm drenched in names
The pro told me that this club was fake.
It was a 9-Iron to the face
but, it made sense all along.

So tell me what you're meant to feel
I'll tell you that you're not
Or tag me in an open field and
Build a new church on the spot.
They'll bury me in ivory clothes
'Cause everyone in the waste land knows
They're the few to decide who we worship this time.

I want to die in a house fire,
I want to burn in my own bed,
let the silent flash burn my eyes from my head.

It doesn't bother me that I will not be missed
And prescience cures my tongue when it slips
And wherever I am when it hits,
I hope we make some sense out of this.
When dust consumes me from the wrist,

I'll be wherever...
Track Name: Ditching Friends For Naps
Dear daisy,
I might as well
Hang myself in the math building.
I just doused our sun
A bench so cold you could feel the sting

Of stomping a flower that grew up through the sidewalk
Chlorophyll crime scene, you've taken the only life it's got
Salty eyes and pesticide the bulb was born to end
Its stem will not pardon
Dead leaves in a garden are hardly friends.

I guess this makes you right
I didn't fight just like you said.
I'll stow away in your westbound veins
and burst the capillaries in your head.

And the street's bleeding break lights as I drive to your mom's
haunted apartment. Her false god still living on her walls.